• We are your one-stop-partner for European market access.
  • We advise you on how to bridge the gap between regulatory and reimbursement requirements.
  • Our experience helps you to structure your internal processes and teams.
  • We provide guidance on the targeted use of real world data._


HealthEcon is one of the most experienced healthcare consulting companies in Europe. We are based in Basel, Switzerland, with more than 1100 projects completed since our establishment in 1981. We mainly provide consultation services on pharmaceuticals for the leading European markets, including

  • reimbursement and pricing analyses,
  • early advice on market access and trial design on national and european level,
  • appraisal of clinical evidence and healtheconomic assessment,
  • AMNOG dossiers


Our competencies are best reflected by the range of services we provide.

Services are provided from our Basel office.
If required, HealthEcon staff also temporarily works on-site with clients’ project teams at their regional offices.

Early dialogue with regulatory authorities and HTA bodies

  • Early advice meetings, parallel consultation and joint advice
  • Compilation of consultation requests
  • Supporting client before and during actual consultation meetings

Landscape, gap & scenario analyses

  • Identifying the product’s profile compared to…
  • regulatory requirements
  • market access requirements
  • competitors
  • Identifying gaps & proposing potential remedies
  • Assessing & prioritizing remedies

Regulatory & market access strategy

  • Comparison of regulatory strategy with market access requirements
  • Aligning regulatory & payer strategy
  • Compilation of reimbursement dossiers

Consulting on trial planning and design

  • Shaping clinical trial designs:
    • Target patient population
    • Relevant endpoints
    • Subgroups & specific populations
    • Types of analyses
  • Quality assessments of clinical trials (e.g. CONSORT)

Value centred Evidence generation

  • Statistical Analysis Plans
  • Literature search and reviews
  • Meta-Analyses
  • Determination of unmet medical need
  • Healtheconomic Evaluation (cost-efffectiveness, budget impact, cost-utility, cost-benefit)

AMNOG (Germany): early consulting, dossier, hearing, price negotiation

  • Preparation of waivers
  • Early advice meetings
  • Prepare product specific strategy (e.g. orphan status, portfolio analyses)
  • Compile AMNOG Dossiers
  • Oral hearings
  • Development of pricing strategy and outline of arbitration board strategies

International Market Access Plans

  • Developing international access plans.
  • Modular preparation of data:
    • Core clinical data
    • Country specific supplements:
      • Medical unmet need & epidemiology
      • Patient relevant outcomes
      • Subgroups
      • Healtheconomic
  • Preparation of global value dossiers (GVD)
  • Adaption / regional staffing of international models

HTA in Europe

  • Relevance of activities on EU level
  • EUNetHTA core models
  • Early Advices
  • Parallel consultation

Interaction with MEDICAL AND PAYER experts

  • Setting up key messages for medical and payer stakeholders
  • Setting up medical & payer Adboards
  • Conducting payer research incl. payer face to face interviews
  • Developing congress presentations and full length publications


Since our establishment in 1981, we have completed more than 1100 projects for over 200 clients. We have supported European governments, associations, sickness funds and pharmaceutical companies. Our clients include most of the global top 20 pharmaceutical companies, as well as small and medium-sized biotech companies.

Reference are available upon request.

Team & Management




Dr. Stephan Ruckdäschel

Dr. Stephan Ruckdäschel

Managing Director

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IGES Group

Since 2012, HealthEcon has been part of the IGES Group—an independent provider of research and consultancy services for the life sciences industry. It covers the entire range of services from market data, regulatory and health technology assessments to analysis of clinical services
As part of the IGES Group, we have been able to expand our capabilities and capacities, particularly in the fields of health services research, clinical research and real-life databases HealthEcon works as an independent entity on the market.

The IGES Institute is the core of the IGES Group. It offers comprehensive services based on expertise: studies, reports, publications, evaluations, concepts and strategies. Since its foundation in 1980, it has conducted over 2,000 research and consulting projects. The IGES Institute is based in Berlin, with additional offices in Nürnberg and Hamburg.

CSG (Clinical Study Group) is an independent contract research organization, supporting clients in planning, implementing and analyzing clinical-scientific studies. CSG is based in Berlin.

IMC clinicon is a consulting and services institute for hospital benchmarking, performance data, process optimization and quality management. IMC clinicon is based in Berlin.

AiM (Assessment in Medicine) is a health-economic consulting agency for the medical device industry, dedicated to reimbursement programs. Health technology assessment dossiers are founded on qualitative and scientific methodologies. AiM is based in Lörrach (Black Forest).

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